Tyres are one of the most valuable assets of the automobile industry which can enhance a vehicle’s overall performance, safety and fuel efficiency. In general, there are two types of tyres which occupy major space in the automotive industry – tubeless and tube-type tyres. As the names suggest, these tyres are distinguished based on the presence or absence of tubes in them.

A tubeless tyre is very similar to its tubed or traditional counterpart, the only difference being that it doesn’t have a tube inside. They are designed to be airtight and consist of an airtight seal which retains the air between the rim and the tyre itself.

On the other hand, tube-type tyres consist of a separate inner tube which acts as an air-holding component and holds pressurized air. Most modern-day vehicles are installed with tubeless tyres and various factors have been responsible for the popularity of these tyres over their tubed counterparts.

Let us now look at some of the major advantages of tubeless tyres over tubed tyres:

  1. Safety

In case of tube-type tyres, the tube plays the most important part as it is responsible for keeping the tyre in shape. However, these tyres can easily get punctured whenever they run over a sharp object as the tube that lies within the outer rubber casing can get pinched due to the intrusion. As a result, the pressurized air within the tube rapidly escapes, leaving the tyre deflated almost instantly. This can make the driver lose control over the vehicle, resulting in a fatal accident.


In contrast, tubeless tyres consist of an airtight seal which holds pressurized air between the rim and the tyre itself. These tyres are enforced with steel wires which prevent the air from escaping upon proper inflation. If a sharp object penetrates these tyres, the air escapes very slowly, giving the driver ample time to pull over to the side of the road or go to the nearest garage. However, you should only use the best tubeless tyres for Indian roads to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle.

  1. Performance

The absence of an inner rubber tube reduces the weight of tubeless tyres, lowering the gross weight of the vehicle. The best tubeless tyres have a lower rolling resistance due to their lightness, which improves the engine’s overall efficiency and allows for better driving dynamics. Also, tubeless tyres heat up or vibrate less, thereby reducing the NVH levels within the cabin.

  1. Maintenance and Durability

Tubeless tyres have lesser components which makes them easy to maintain as compared to tube-type tyres. Their maintenance is relatively cost-effective and they are less vulnerable to serious damage, even if driven in a punctured state. As the rate of air loss in a flat tubeless tyre is very slow, they can be driven over short distances. Also, the repair kits of tubeless tyres are easily available and the repair of their puncture is less time consuming.

The various advantages offered by tubeless tyres have made them more popular than even the best tubed tyres in India. However, you should regularly inspect your tyres and ensure that they are in good condition in order to maximize your vehicle’s performance and safety.


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