On 2/21/2019 at 12:05 PM, oleman said:

So can we all agree that air brakes are power brakes but peddle applied hydraulic brakes without an external boast mechanism are  still manual brakes just like mechanical rod applied brakes.  But hydraulically or vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes are power brakes so on the tractor models that use return flow from the hydraulic oil cooler  to keep the master cylinders full could under some circumstances become power brakes because it has been documented that they can self apply from the pressure of the fill path.

On this system, the oil applied is not under pressure, it is merely enough flow to keep the system full of oil. The function of the actual braking is no different than an automotive system without a power booster of any sort. Not a power brake system in any circumstance.

Let’s also not confuse the supply here with the power system on any 06-Magnum that has regulated oil pressure feed the master cylinder and that pressure does the braking, your foot regulates the amount of pressure sent to the brake piston. 


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