I’m trying to understand whether it’s necessary to buy a new tyre marked as tubeless-ready in order to go tubeless on my new MTB.

Initially, I thought that going tubeless simply requires a sealant, tubeless-ready rims (or rims properly prepared with tape) and valves, and furthermore greatly benefits from having an air compressor at hand for easy assembly.

However, upon closer inspection of the description of the bicycle I bought (Decathlon’s Rockrider E-ST 900), the following is stated: “TUBELESS READY rims: you will need tubeless tyres, Presta valves, and puncture sealant”.

I didn’t expect I would have to purchase new tyres, retailing at ca. EUR 50 each. Is it really necessary to buy tyres marked “tubeless-ready”, or is the above list of requirements (i.e. valves, rims, sealant and an air compressor) sufficient for making tyres tubeless? If so, are there additional comprises or preparations to be made when using ordinary (non-tubeless-ready) tyres?

On a side note, the tyres on the specific bicycle I bought are of the type Taipan Koloss (Hutchinson), 27.5×2.8in, and according to the manufacturer’s website these tyres are already marked “tubeless ready”, which introduces additional confusion.

Another note, I noticed there are a few similar questions, but they do not seem to address the need of tubeless-readiness of tyres in particular.


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