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Take the hard work out of brake bleeding and testing automobile pressured systems at home with the Certa Brake Bleeder Testing Kit, providing you with a portable, easy-to-use kit without the added mechanic costs.

  • Check car, motorbike and other brake and fuel line systems
  • Bleed brakes and fuel lines at home without the mess
  • Includes a handheld pump, vacuum hoses, bleeder valves, connectors and more
  • Convenient plastic carry case for easier storage
  • Gauge scale from 0 – 76cm Hg
  • Kit dimensions: 27 × 22 × 8cm

Remove air bubbles from your brake system to help maintain strong brake pressure and bleed fuel lines, ensuring fuel reaches the engine, while helping to save on expensive mechanic fees with the Certa Brake Bleeder Testing Kit.

Easy at home testing

Featuring a handheld pump, vacuum hoses, adaptors and reservoir jars, the Certa Brake Bleeder Testing Kit is designed to remove dirt, air and water from the brake and fuel lines of most automotive vehicles and systems so you can easily bleed brakes and fuel lines.

Maintain strong, reactive brakes

For a more reactive braking system, simply attach the tube to the bleeder valve, pump the vacuum, crank the bleeder valve and watch it flow! Bleed the brakes every two to three years to keep the system at optimum performance.

Maintain a smooth, powerful engine

Help prevent strong odour from fuel leaks, decreased engine power and vehicle stalling by bleeding your fuel line, removing all air from the fuel tank, filters, line and pump for a smoother, more powerful driving experience.

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