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Which one is good for a small hatch back car? Please tell the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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    Tube tyres are the ones that are the conventional tyres and have been used ever since the inception of tyres themselves, so they have a tube within the tyre. On the other hand the tubeless tyres are pneumatic ones (based on air) and do not have an inner tube.

    Advantage of tubeless tyres is that the absence of inner tube means lower unsprung weight (weight that lies below the suspensions) and hence lower rolling resistance, lesser drag, improved fuel economy etc. Most importantly with tubless tyres even if your tyre puctures you don’t have to stop by to fix the puncture immediately, you can just drive with it and stop to get it fixed the moment you find someone to. In tube tyres the moment your tyre punctures you have to stop by and get it fixed, you can’t afforf to drive with it, cuz your tube can burst instantly and with that you will have to change the entire tyre which invovles the cost of buying a new tyre for a few thousands.

    The disadvantage is that tubeless tyres can wear out easily.

    However most cars now come fitted with tubeless tyres, this technology has come from west obviously and spreading like fire in india…

    I would recommend tubeless tyres as they do not come along with the fear of tube damage even if you to drive them a few kms to get em your car to the mechanic..

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    Tubeless Tyre


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    difference tubeless tyres tubed tyres

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Difference between tubeless tyres and tubed tyres?

    Which one is good for a small hatch back car? Please tell the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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    I have tube tyre in my motorcycle. Everytime when they get puncture mechanic says”TUBE GAYA” so pay 300/325 for new one. So its not economical wheras tubeless tyre saves time plus puncture can be fixed by self and even if u go mechanic its under 100 rs .so next time tubless 4sure

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    Tubeless tyres are without tube …

    When it puncture we can drive vehicle around 100km..with that tyre ….

    in tubed tyres when it puncture we cant drive vehicle with that wheel…

    but in tube less tyre repairing the puncture is costly than tubed tyres…..

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    tube tyres get punctured while tubeless tyres don’t

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    tube tyres are better you can change tube if it brust but you have to change the whole tyre if it is tubeless.

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    tubeless tyres do not require refilling of air

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