Hi Trainer Roaders,

Hoping for some helpful advice on my tyre and wheel combo. I roll on the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Tubeless Rim Brake wheel-set. A fast a reliable wheel-set however like many many others I have experienced removing and reinstalling the tyres especially tough when repairing a roadside puncture finding it almost impossible resulting in several taxi rides home. This is something I have never had issues with whilst using other wheels in the past.

The tyre combos I have tried on the wheel-set previously are the Continental 5000s 28mm, Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28mm and the Mavic Yksium Pro UST II 25mm – all of which have been very difficult to seat onto the wheels.

I am looking for a suggestions on a fast training tyre that can be easily fitted with an inner tube onto this wheel-set that doesn’t require an oven/ hair dryer, large tools you cannot fit into a bike bag or the strength of Thor!

So any recommendations would be amazing.




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