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    One requires an inner tube. The other does not.


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    Car manufacturers are always looking for ways to produce the same quality (or better) cheaper. When they produce thousands of cars, saving $1 means saving thousands of dollars.

    They were able to do this with the tires as well. Tires used to have inner tubes (rubber donuts that lined the inside of the tires) and it was these liners that were inflated to make the tires firm. Engineers found they could redesign the tire so that the tire itself sealed on the rim of the car and do away with the inner tube entirely which saved them about $12 per car.

    So, today, the norm is tubeless tires and they have perfected them to be superior to the tubed tires of yesterday. They can be punctured just like the tubed tires but repairs are actually easier because a simple nail puncture can be repaired without even removing the tire from the car. With the removal of the inner tube, balancing is easier too as is installation and removal since you don’t have to worry about getting that inner tube in properly.

    I do believe it possible to still buy inner tubes for car tires and I think they can even be installed inside today’s tubeless tires if you needed or wanted to line the inside with rubber for some reason. It certainly wouldn’t be recommended but would still work.

    I hope this helped.

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    tubeless tyres dont have inner tubes so these cannot be punctured… the alternative are all rubber tyres so if a nail or something gets run over, they can be stuck in the tyre with no air loss (due to no air being needed)

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    tubeless tyre do not have any tube in them the air is filled in the tyre directly . while there is tube in which air is filled in normal tyre

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    Normal tires are radial tires. They are put together with metal straps. When you have a flat with a radial tire you have to replace the whole tire.

    Tires with tubes in them are not the normal tire. But if you have tires with tubes in them, then when you have a flat you only replace the tube. Unless of course, the tire blows completely out.

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    Normal tires are square and tubeless tires are triangular.


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    most “Normal tyres” are tubeless now

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    Il y a 1 décennie

    one is tubeless and the other one is not.

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    one has a tube, the other doesnt

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